Adding Transparent Sliding Images – Photoshop Tips

Transparent sliding images can be a great way to add a custom look to your app without taking up the whole screen. Here’s how to format them using Photoshop:

1. Create a new canvas or project (depending on photo editing software).

This will be the same size as the home screen image you have created, depending on if you are working in the Mobile, iPhone 5, or iPad section. Here are the image background sizes:

iPhone 4 & Android: 640x960px
iPhone 5: 640x1136px
iPad: 1536x2048px

Recommended Slider Image Sizes for NEW Modern Slider option: ‘Parallax effect’

iPhone 4 & Android: 1040x960px
iPhone 5: 1040x1136px
iPad: 1936x2048px

2. Make this canvas transparent.


3. While leaving this new canvas open, also open the Image that you would like to show up as the slider image, so that they are side by side.


4. Then copy the image and paste it onto the slider image.


5. Now you have a custom transparent sliding image for your app!


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