Adding HP ePrint Printers

Adding ePrint printers to the Food Ordering Tab or the Merchandise tab is a snap with your ePrinter’s email address.

HP is very easy to configure within the HP ePrint Center. Please check to make sure your printer is connected and ready. You should also register the printer and get an email address. This will be crucial in making sure your printer is ready to receive email print orders. For more questions about this please read the manual inside your printer’s box, or take a look at this help page:


Next, click on the ePrint Settings button, which is located at the home page of your ePrint Center. Once you are in the settings, toggle the settings for the Google Cloud Print service that is found on the Mobile App Platform.


Once you’ve confirmed your Google Cloud Print account has access to your HP Printer, you’re all set to return to the platform. If you have questions on how to control your Google Cloud Print, please check out this article.

Back on the platform, locate your application and go to Step 2, where the mobile food ordering tab is. Scroll down to the Location(s) section. Click Edit next to your location, and then input the HP eprint email address in the “Email Address” field.


Save your changes and you’re all set! If you have additional locations that you want to link up to other printers, just go through the same process for each one.

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